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Aerospace Research Group

The Aerospace Research Group consists of a number of academics and research students from the School of Mechanical Engineering committed to furthering aerospace technologies at the University of Adelaide. The mission of the group is to address real World aerospace related issues by providing innovative, internationally recognised research, whilst contributing positively to the economic well-being of the Australian community.

The group possesses a multi-faceted skill set, with its members possessing research expertise in a wide range of aerospace fields. The capabilities of the group are reflected in the number of private and governmental research grants awarded to the members of the group to conduct research in areas such as:

  • Fixed wing and rotary wing vehicles
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Flapping and morphing wing devices
  • Hypersonic vehicle design
  • Pulse jet, scramjet, and rocket engine design
  • Satellite and space vehicle design
  • Aircraft control and stability
  • Plasma aerodynamics
  • Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Composite structure design for aerospace applications


The Aerospace Research Group at the University of Adelaide has access to world class research resources and facilities, making the results of the group of the highest quality. Some of the resources available to and utilised by the Aerospace Research Group include:

  • Flow visualisation facilities, including Particle Image Velocimetry and Hot Wire Anemometry devices
  • Open and closed circuit wind tunnels, including anechoic working sections
  • Water tunnels
  • Destructive and non destructive structural testing, including electron microscopy facilities
  • Plasma generation devices
  • Aerospace propulsion engine test stand
  • Access to the facilities of the South Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing, including the Corvus and Aquila supercomputers

The group is also committed to the development of aerospace education. Members of the group are actively involved in undergraduate teaching, and this is complemented by the representation of the group on the board of executives for the AIAA Student Branch at the University. In addition, group members are actively involved in engineering education research, with a number of papers in this field being authored by Aerospace Research Group Participants.






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