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1.       Impinging jets in cross-flow

2.       Investigation of High Frequency Combustion Instabilities in LOx/H2 Rocket Engines

3.       Measurement and Control of orthogonal blade-vortex-interaction noise

4.       Wing Tip Vortex Control using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators

5.       Aeroacoustic Shape Optimisation of Airfoils

6.       Thermal effects of an external insert on its downstream flow over a flat plate

7.       The structure and mixing of oscillating planar jets

8.       Cavity Flows: An investigation on Three-Dimensional Fluid-Dynamics of a Narrow Cavity Exposed to Low Speed Flows

9.       Autoignition of Biodiesel Fuels

10.  Noise Tuning in Power Steering Systems

11.  Application of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Flow Augmentation for Parasitic Drag Reduction

12.  MRI-based flow analysis

13.  Characterisation and modelling of a commercial inertial measurement unit to determine its suitability for flight control of an air breathing hypersonic flight vehicle

14.  Effect of Leading Edge Tubercles on Airfoil Performance

15.  Investigation into the Lift Generation in Pure Plunging Motion of a Pair of Flat Plates at Zero Free-Stream Velocity

16.  Investigation of the thermal efficiency of the vortex tube

17.  Vortex rings and jets in cross-flow

18.  Thrust production using oscillating foils and undulating membranes

19.  The effect of sudden blockage on the flow within a pipe

20.  Robust scheduling control for Aeroelastic systems




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