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Adaptive Passive Control of a Tensegrity Structure

Tensegrity Structure Photos and Movies (6 Images)The folder contains images and videos of the active control of vibration using a tensegrity structure

A mini-dynamometer for RC engines

Photographs and images of the dyno (5 Images)

A Robotic Model Wasp to Investigate Parasitoid Insect Plume Tracking Behaviour

Prototype 1 (6 Images)

Autonomous Robotic Paraglider

Autonomous Paraglider (16 Images)These images show some of the progress made so far


Ball and Beam System

Movies of ball and beam system (3 Images)
Photos of the ball and beam system (6 Images)


Images of the Lego Mindstorms Ballbot (8 Images)This directory contains images (and eventually videos) of the Lego Mindstorms ballbot.
Ballbot on a ballbot (2 Images)This galleries shows the Lego ballbot riding the full scale ballbot.
Images of the Fullscale Ballbot (9 Images)This directory contains images (and eventually videos) of the fullscale ballbot.


Design and build a self-tuning stringed instrument

Self-tuning Guitar (2 Images)These images show the self-tuning guitar developed by this project.

Design and Build a Small Airship

Photos (4 Images)

Design of a robotic ping pong player

Robotic Ping Pong Player (11 Images)These pictures detail the current state of the project

Development of robot understanding

A Navigational Vehicle (4 Images)


ECP Control Moment Gyroscope

Movies of the gyroscope (5 Images)
VR model of the gyroscope (2 Images)

Eddie - The pool playing robot

Photos of Eddie (7 Images)

EDGAR - A self balancing scooter

Media Photos of Edgar (4 Images)
Photos showing Edgar's details (3 Images)
Movies (4 Images)

EDWARD - Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping

Construction during 2009 (3 Images)This folder contains photos of EDWARD being constructed.
Australian Electric Vehicle Assoc. - National EV Festival 2010 (4 Images)EDWARD and the Micycle were exhibited at the Australian Electric Vehicle Association - National EV Festival Expo held in Victoria Square, Adelaide 6/11/2010.
Photos demonstrating Inversion Control 2010 (2 Images)
Simuations from 2009 (2 Images)This folder contains virtual reality simulations within Simulink.
MechExpo 2009 (3 Images)
Concept images from 2009 (4 Images)This folder contains rendered images on the initial concept design
MechExpo 2010 (11 Images)
Testing during 2011 (16 Images)
Testing during 2009 (9 Images)Testing on 21st October 2009 on the Torrens Parade Grounds
Movies of testing EDWARD in 2009 (5 Images)


Human Computer Interface

HCI (2 Images)This folder includes images and movie clips of the Human Computer Interface (HCI) project



Photos (1 Images)
MechExpo 2010 (7 Images)
Movies (1 Images)


Photos (3 Images)
Movies (2 Images)The following folder has movies illustrating the effectiveness of the isolator by comparing the vibration of jelly on the base and on top of the isolator platform.

Micro Air Vehicle

Movies demonstrating flight (4 Images)
Photos of the DragonFly (3 Images)

Micycle - A Self-Balancing Unicycle

Australian Electric Vehicle Association - National EV Festival (5 Images)EDWARD and the Micycle were exhibited at the Australian Electric Vehicle Association - National EV Festival Expo held in Victoria Square, Adelaide 6/11/2010.
Concept Images (4 Images)
Final System (1 Images)
Movies (5 Images)
Stills from the Scope TV Shoot (5 Images)The following photographs were taken during the filming by Scope TV (Network Ten).
MechExpo 2010 (14 Images)

Modelling of Compliant Micro-motion Stages with Flexure Hinges

3-DOF compliant micro-motion stages (6 Images)This collection of images show two different prototypes of 3-DOF compliant micro-motion stages. The first prototype is used for the manipulation of biological cell during the IVF process. The second prototype is designed for the positioning of samples in a Scanning-Electron-Microscope (SEM).

Moog Hydraulic Hexapod

GUI (2 Images)This folder contains images of the GUI designed for the Hydraulic system.
Flexapod (1 Images)Scale model electromechanical system developed to test kinematics and some safety systems.


PICARSO Programmable Interface Controller with Autonomous Robotic Spraying Operation

u-Angelo Prototpye (2 Images)This is a scale prototype to test the kinematics and control code.
Movies (1 Images)
Testing (13 Images)The following images are of early testing of PICARSO.
MechExpo 2010 (6 Images)Photographs taking during the annual Mechanical Engineering Exhibition

Pneumatic Hand

Photos of the hand (2 Images)


Quanser 2DOF Heli

Movies of 2DOF Heli (3 Images)These movies demonstrate the 2DOF Heli subject to different control structures and inputs.

Quanser 3DOF Hover

3DOF Hover Movie (2 Images)This movie demonstrate the 3DOF Hover operating under a full-state LQR controller with a joystick input.

Quanser HiWire

HiWire Movies (5 Images)This directory contains movies of the HiWire Rig and also VR Simulations.


RC VTOL V22 Osprey

Testing (3 Images)
Modelling (3 Images)

RoboCup - robotic soccer

RoboCup (7 Images)These pictures detail the progress made so far by this project.

RoboFiddler - A Robotic Violin Player

RoboFiddler (42 Images)These pictures show some aspects of this project.

Robotic Foosball Table

Photos (2 Images)

Rotational Inverted Pendulum

Movies of the Rotational Inverted Pendulum (3 Images)


Search and rescue UAV

Photos (10 Images)Media photos of iSOAR
Movies (2 Images)Movies of flight tests

Smart Sensor Technologies for Structural Health Monitoring

SHM images (6 Images)This folder includes some images detailing the current state of the Structural Health Monitoring project


Exhibition Photos (3 Images)
Media Photos of SON of EDGAR (7 Images)
Movies (8 Images)

Structure and Control Optimisation for Compliant Micromotion Manipulator

The Micromanipulator (3 Images)

Stumpy: A Pneumatic Muscle Actuated Bi-pedal Robot

Pneumatic muscles (3 Images)Photos of the pneumatic muscles used to actuate Stumpy
Photos of Stumpy (4 Images)Photos of the final actuated robot Stumpy
Testing (4 Images)Various photos taken during testing
Passive (unactuated) robot testing (3 Images)Photos taken during the testing phase of the unactuated robot


The Autonomous Radio-controlled Ground-basEd Target (TARGET)

Movies of the TARGET (0 Images)Movies illustrating radio-controlled and fully autonomous modes
Photographs of the platform and electronics (5 Images)This folder contains photographs of a number of the components as they were being installed in the vehicle.
Photos of the Exhibition (5 Images)

Trailer Reversing System

Exhibition Photos (3 Images)


Undergraduate Control Projects

Photos of Control Rigs (6 Images)

Underwater Planar Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle design

UWPVTOL (4 Images)The Under Water Planar Vertical Take-Off and Landing project has been launched as a platform for exeriments with advanced non-linear control strategies.


Wing Borne HydroFoil (WBHF)

Photographs of the constructed craft (8 Images)
Movies of the WBHF (2 Images)
Rendered images of the WBHF (7 Images)
Exhibition Photos (3 Images)

Wired Airfoil Stabilised Platform

WASP Exhibition Photos (8 Images)
WASP Photos (3 Images)
WASP Movies (4 Images)The following directory contains movies of the VR WASP and the real WASP.