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Design of a robotic ping pong player Projects by Frank Wornle Soccer Server - Artificial Intelligence (AI) for soccer playing mobile robots
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Photo of Michael M. Hill

Michael M. Hill

Photo of Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones

Photo of Michael J. Shanahan

Michael J. Shanahan

Soccer Robots

Michael M. Hill, Nicholas Jones, Michael J. Shanahan and Frank Wornle

Keywords: soccer robots, mobile robots, vision system, artificial intelligence

(Commenced: 01-Jan-2005,Concluded: 01-Dec-2005)

This project aims to develop two fully fledged soccer robot teams (3 robots per team) and to teach them the necessary moves to win a game of robotic soccer. The following issues will be addressed:

  • Bring the existing hardware (team 2003) up to competition standard
  • Build another 3 robots (oponent team)
  • Implement drivers the camera system. This includes the necessary image processing
  • Design and implement a game strategy for a Brazilian team (attacking)
  • Design and implement a game strategy for a German team (defensive)

The 'soccer robot' project is part of 'RoboCup', the international research initiative on artificial intelligence and mobile robots. For more information about the current state of the project please see the presentation below or contact one of the following team members: Michael M. Hill, Nicholas Jones and Michael J. Shanahan. Furthermore, a short movie clip of last year's world cup in Lissabon can be found below.