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Design and build of a thruster controlled model of a Large flexible Space Station (LSS) Projects by Frank Wornle Design of a robotic ping pong player
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Design of an autonomous mobile robot for experiments on multi-agent systems

Frank Wornle

Keywords: autonomous mobile robot, artificial intelligence, RoboCup

(Commenced: 01-Jan-2005,Concluded: 01-Jan-2007)

The aim of this honours project is the design and construction of a fully autonomous mobile robot as a flexible platform for research in the area of robotic multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence. The robot will be designed in conformity with the regulations for the MiddleSize League (MSL, F-2000) of the international robotic soccer competition "RoboCup". Using RoboCup as test-bed, the project aims at developing new control strategies for collaborating multi-agent systems of autonomous mobile robots in a complex and dynamic environment. It is planned to build a competitive team which could enter the 9th RoboCup world championships in 2005.

This project has been launched in 2004. Students from Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics Engineering have since been working as part of a faculty wide team. For further information, please contact Frank Wornle, Engineering South, room 204 or see the RoboCup project page.