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A Camera-Aided Method for Accuracy Improvement in Dual-Robot Prototyping System***
Adaptive identification of hysteresis and creep in piezoelectric stack actuators
Adaptive identification of hysteresis and creep in piezoelectric stack actuators
Adaptive identification of hysteresis and creep in piezoelectric stack actuators
A Method for Optimising the Weight and Response of Brush-Type Wound-Field Direct Current Motors
A Method of Machining Error Compensation for Dual Robot prototyping System Using Dimensional Measurement Data
A Neural Network Based On-line Calibration Methodology for Robot Relative Positioning Inaccuracy***
An Experimental Observation of Uncoupling of Multi-DOF PZT Actuators in a Compliant Mechanism
An Intelligent Workcell Robot
An On-line Calibration Method for Robot Relative Positioning Inaccuracy***
An On-line Calibration Methodology for Robot Relative Positioning Inaccuracy
An On-line Relative Position and Orientation Error Calibration Methodology for Workcell Robot Operations***
An On-line Relative Position Calibration Methodology for An Intelligent Dual Arm Robot System***
A review, supported by experimental results, of voltage, charge and capacitor insertion method for driving piezoelectric actuators
A simple and efficient dynamic modelling method for compliant micropositioning mechanisms using flexure hinges
A Simulation Framework for Plume-Tracing Research
A three-DOF compliant micromotion stage with flexure hinges
Automated Visual Inspection System


CAD-based intelligent robot vision system***
CAD-Based Intelligent Robot Workcell
CAD-Based Machining Program Generation for Rapid Prototyping by Two Cooperating Robots***
CAD-Based Robot Simulation with Active Compliance Sensor Positioning Error Recovery
CAD, vision, and sensor based intelligent robot server***
Calibration for Dual Robot Machining System***
Calibration On-line to Deal with Robot Position Errors***
Collaborative Virtual Cutting Verification and Remote Robot Machining through the Internet***
Construction for an Intelligent Product Assembly and Inspection System


Development and Implementation of An Intelligent Robotic Assembly System***
Development of An Automated Coordinate Measuring Robot (CMR) for Large Objects Measurement
Development of a Rapid Prototyping Robot/CNC Machining System
Development of a Robotic Measuring System
Development of a Robot Reverse Engineering (RRE) System


Framework of Remote Dual Robot Machining through Internet


Human Voice Controlled Dual Robot System for Prototype Machining


Intelligent Systems Techniques and Their Application in Manufacturing Systems


Kinematics of a 3RRR Compliant Micro-motion Stage: Modelling Accuracy Improvement


Latest Research Directions in Intelligent Manufacturing
Loop Closure Theory in Deriving Linear and Simple Kinematic Model for a 3 DOF Parallel Micromanipulator


Machining Cylindrical Cams by Two Robots
Multiple degree of freedom compliant mechanism possessing nearly uncoupled dynamics: experimental findings


Neural Network Based 3D Force/Torque Sensor Calibration for Robot Applications***
Neural Network for 3D Force/Torque Sensor Calibration and Robot Control
Neural Network for Active Compliance Mechanism Calibration


Odor Source Localization in Complicated Indoor Environments
Odour Source Localisation in a Wind-Varying Indoor Environment


Position Control of a 3 DOF Compliant Micro-Motion Stage


Remote Dual-Robot Machining Through Internet
Remote Virtual Cutting Verification through Internet
Robot On-Line Position Control Using 3d Force/Torque Sensor And Neural Networks
Robot Server Speeds Changeover


State estimation of non-linear piezoelectric stack actuator


The Development and Implementation of an Intellligent Robotic Assembly Cell
The Development of a Dual Robot Machining System for Rapid Prototyping***
The Development of a Dual Robot System for Prototype Machining
The effect of the accuracies of flexure hinge equations on the output compliances of planar micro-motion stages
Trajectory Following with a Three-DOF Micro-motion Stage


Vision and Force/Torque Sensing for Calibration of Industrial Robots***


Wind Sensor and Robotic Model Wasp Development
Workspace Investigation of a 3 DOF Compliant Micro-motion Stage